tuition - learn to fly at Rufforth east

Tuition at Rufforth east

Rufforth East has a selection of professional CAA/BMAA/LAA Approved Flight Instructors and LAA Coaches who cover training in GA aircraft, Microlights and Gyroplanes (also called AutoGyros or Gyrocopters)

You can train in your own aircraft or in modern well equipped school aircraft.

Rufforth East hosts different opportunities to learn to fly from ab-initio training, regaining ratings or updating your flying skills.

With hard runways, short taxiing distance and situated clear of controlled airspace and restricted areas you will get more flying in at Rufforth East per hour, helping accelerate your learning towards issue of your Private Pilots License or class/type rating.

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east coast gyrocopters

East Coast Gyrocopters offers training for issue of a PPL(G) including Ground Exams, biennial revalidations and check flights.

CFI Jim Hughes has over 2400 hours of instructing on Gyrocopters since he qualified as an instructor in 2014.

One of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors in the UK he also previously worked for manufacturer AutoGyro UK.

Whether you’re just wanting to experience the thrill of flying a modern day Gyrocopter on an experience flight or to train for your PPL(G) East Coast Gyrocopters based at Rufforth East offers this on modern, safe, stable AutoGyro aircraft with enclosed cockpit Cavalon and Open Cockpit MTO Sport 2017.

Please visit their website or Facebook Page for more information.

Mark Badminton

Mark Badminton, BMAA instructor/examiner, SEP instructor and LAA coach.

Mark has over 2000 hours of instructing having flown more than 55 different aircraft types as P1.

Mark’s available for biennials, ferry flights, microlight/SSEA conversions and general/advanced coaching.

Please call Mark on 07595 217981.

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